August the gardens of Villa della Pergola


The della Pergola in Alassio Villa gardens are a rare example of English garden in Italy and among the best times to visit are the summer months, during which you can enjoy the scents of the Mediterranean and tropical vegetation and blooming water lilies and other flowers.In the garden of Villa della Pergola - explanatory Alassio - Lotuses are grown in tubs retrieved from ancient cisterns that were used to collect rain water for irrigation of the park, expertly restored in 2006 and made operational again as a whole garden water supply ". In the fountains and the water lilies bloom rock pools instead.The Mediterranean is at its peak in August, while in August and September we are witnessing the flowering lantana, oleander and many other varieties. You can book guided tours, which are held every Saturday and Sunday (four times daily) until October. You must write to info@giardinidivilladellapergola.com."

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