How to water the plants when going on vacation?


When you go on vacation, watering the plants can become a problem. For this Gardena has studied the AquaBloom set which allows you to leave them without worries on the balcony or terrace without fear of finding nasty surprises on your return.
A solar-powered automatic irrigation set, which contains everything you need to irrigate up to 20 plants.
It is equipped with a solar panel and rechargeable batteries to ensure operation throughout the year. Extremely versatile, the AquaBloom Set can be placed anywhere (on the wall, on the table, on the vase or on the railing), thus allowing you to water flower boxes placed in any position and on different levels and, at the same time, to make the most of sunlight.
Thanks to the AquaBloom Set, the user can choose from 14 programs, which can be selected in a simple and intuitive way, as well as the possibility of manual irrigation. Thanks to the 0.5 l / h self-compensating drippers, included in the set, each plant receives the same amount of water.
Equipped with a timer and integrated electric pump, the AquaBloom Gardena Set takes water from the container and distributes it to the plants according to the selected program or pre-established manual irrigation.
Ready to use, the AquaBloom Set is perfect for all those who have balconies and terraces, which however do not have an electrical and water connection.
To the delight of consumers, the set is also really simple to install; in fact, it is not necessary to use any tools, apart from a pair of scissors.

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