Automatic watering for terraces and roof gardens


Automated management of irrigation is a useful ally in the daily care of the green, but it can become essential when you are away from home for shorter or longer periods, especially for the summer holidays. For this reason Claber has devised a solution that not only leads the automatic irrigation in the garden, but also in other outdoor areas such as terraces and roof gardens.Explains Silvia Bruni, marketing executive: A novelty for the 2016 season is Aqua-Magic System: a new system, completely independent from any connection to the tap or the electricity grid, to water the plants in ' best time and with the right amount of water. This will not serve nor connections to home networks, which are a source of concern when we assentarci for long periods, nor to rely on friends, acquaintances and neighbors to water the plants when we're not. "What are their characteristics, how they act and how you use the product?Aqua-Magic System is a complete system to wet up to 20 potted plants in terraces and small vegetable gardens. The heart of the system is represented by the programmer, with small photovoltaic panel and integrated pump. Only clean and free energy of sunlight and two common rechargeable batteries to power the whole system. Water can be taken, through the integrated pump, any container prepared we have at home, or with Aqua-Magic Tank, the practical folding tank 80 liters, assembled without tools, with a modern design and a solid and resistant structure . The water is then distributed to the drip irrigation line, obtained with all the components included in the kit: capillary tube, fittings, drippers, suction filter and indispensable non-return valve, to ensure the proper functioning of the whole system. The programming is extremely simple and intuitive: Two rotary knobs to set the amount of water to be dispensed and the frequency of irrigation, up to 54 possible different solutions to meet every need.

With Aqua-Magic System you can soak pots arranged on two or more lines, even on different levels with different flow rates, and you can easily get wet hanging planters and pots placed on a higher level than the programmer, for maximum versatility.

How long you can stay "away from home" ensuring the welfare of the plant?The program is managed through two comfortable handles, to combine the desired amount of water (40ml to 200ml per dripper) with the frequency of watering (1 time per week to daily) best suited to the needs of our terrace or small vegetable garden.The autonomy of this system depends, obviously, from the tank that is used and, therefore, the amount of water available. Take a concrete example with a terrace with 20 potted plants. Using Aqua-Magic System Aqua-Magic Tank (having, therefore, a water availability of 80 liters) and setting daily irrigation that delivers 200ml of each dripper, the plants of our terrace will quietly stay up to 20 days without our direct supervision, because they will think Claber."


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