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Autumn Garden Festival: discover the program

Autumn Garden Festival: discover the program


The fifth edition of the Autumn Garden Festiva, the initiative promoted by Aicg, the Italian Garden Centers Association, takes place in garden centers throughout Italy from 19 September to 18 October.
A rebirth Festival with the Sensory Labyrinth and the Piantiamo italiano project.
A sensory Autumn labyrinth. An outdoor path that crosses a maze of hay, corn and pumpkins bales, where you can find corners of knowledge of Italian and autumn plants.
An area in which to do activities or literally "get lost" in complete safety and social distancing, immersing yourself in the colors and scents of autumn plants or, again, relaxing by observing and learning about a selection of made in Italy excellence.
In September, the "Piantiamo Italiano" project merges with the Autumn Garden Festival, focusing on the vast and varied production of aromatic herbs; in October promoting the Italian nursery production of hedge plants and the surprising topiary art that we admire all over the world. For a year and a half, the Piantiamo Italiano project has been aiming to raise consumers' awareness of making an informed purchase, attentive to environmental impact and energy saving.
Autumn thus becomes a moment of restart for the green world. The Italian Garden Centers participating in the initiative will be the spokespersons of this message through a Festival of doing, designing and renovating green spaces.
During the months of the lockdown it became clear that plants and greenery are a fundamental help to regain well-being and give happiness to people.
So it is essential to surround yourself with green: for the eyes, for the heart, for the brain, for all five senses. What's more satisfying than dipping your hands in the earth? Touch it, smell it, plant seeds, bulbs, flowers, vegetables for the winter; planting new trees that will flower and fruit in spring; learn how to prune the bushes and roses correctly, so as to have them bloomed in December ...
Also this year, especially this year, it will be the Cyclamen Airc - autumn's lucky charm - that will have to color the green space of each of us pink.
In September, the cyclamen, robust and resistant autumn and winter flower par excellence, can be found in many varieties and shades of color, in Garden Centers.
But obviously the pink cyclamen will be the master, in fact after the positive results of the "Margherita per Airc" initiative which allowed to finance four years of a scholarship for a young researcher, Aicg has chosen again to support of the Autumn Garden Festival the "Nastro Rosa Airc" Campaign: for the entire month of October and for each pot of pink cyclamen sold, the participating Gardening Centers will donate 1 euro to support the Association's breast cancer research Italian for Cancer Research.

Aicg, as it has constantly done during the lockdown, still wants to be at the side of the associated Gardens by giving them support, suggestions and new ideas to offer to its customers and this does so through the Autumn Garden Festival, a great national event to be held from 19 September to 18 October throughout Italy in the associated Gardening Centers.
It is precisely in the Garden Centers that you can find the expertise, advice, raw materials, tools, gardening equipment, information, ideas and advice for green activities: places where you can compare yourself with industry experts, learn new culture techniques.
The initiatives
Many initiatives, including educational ones, and events that will be scheduled in the numerous Gardening Centers participating in the Autumn Garden Festival
In addition to the Sensory Labyrinth, there will also be demonstration and educational flower beds set up with this season's garden plants, creative compositions from which to draw inspiration. It will also be the right occasion to receive information from the experts present in the Garden Centers on the best cultivation techniques for the proposed plants.
For a list of all the Gardening Centers participating in the Autumn 2020 Garden Festival initiative, visit the website (online shortly and continuously updated).

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