Last weekend for the Autumn Garden Festival


More than a hundred garden centers throughout Italy will host the next Thursday, October 14th and 15th, the latest appointments of the Autumn Garden Festival, the initiative promoted by Aicg (Italian Association of Gardening Centers), with the patronage of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies.
The protagonists this year are the bulbs: during the weekend, in the gardening centers that join the kermesse (see for the whole list) you can receive tips for autumn planting of spring flowering bulbs, from those more traditional, such as tulips - dwarfs, long stems, double or multiple flower -, narcissus, hyacinths, crocus, allium ... to the more original ones such as anemones, muscari, freesia, iris, nerine, zantedeschia, scille, fritillari ...
Demonstrating workshops and playgrounds will also be offered, with suggestions of original compositions to get even surprising effects in autumn by combining different plants by colors, shapes, blooms and foliage.
The Autumn Garden Festival is not only aimed at the big but intends to actively engage the children, future gardening enthusiasts! The "Plant a Bulb" workshop will be addressed to them. The children will be invited to decorate a pot of terracotta, planting inside the bulb, waiting to put on the surface some seedlings of thought violets .... They will enjoy the winter bloom of the violets and in the spring enjoy the amazing explosion of the bulbs that will stand in a flowery cushion.
In addition, AICG has chosen to support the "Pink Aircraft Tape" Campaign: Within the Autumn Garden Festival for each spring-flowered pink bulb pack, soldiers will devote € 1 to support research against the Breast Cancer of the Italian Association for Cancer Research.
Customers will also be able to support the campaign with a € 2 donation for which they will receive the pink ribbon button, a universal symbol for breast cancer.
It is significant that the initiative continues after the end of the Autumn Garden Festival that will end on October 15th: it will be possible to buy the pink bulbs contributing to the search for AIRC until the end of October.

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