Autumn with McCulloch and Gardena tools


To prepare the garden for the autumn season, McCulloch and Gaardena offer a wide range of blowers / vacuums, chainsaws and loppers, all with the high level of innovation and ease of use.
The McCulloch range of blowers is designed to meet everyone's needs, with innovation and high performance. The GB 322 blower is part of it, an efficient tool ideal for all garden cleaning tasks, the GBV 325 and 345 blowers / vacuums, designed for the most demanding users, the GB 355BP blower-aspirator that brings the maximum in innovation and ease of use.
This year, McCulloch offers two new GBV 322 and GBV 322VX blower-fans to complete the range.
Ideal for frequent use, the GBV 322 and GBV 322VX blower-fans are extremely light (4.4 kg and 4.5 kg respectively) and, thanks to the 26 cc engine with 0.8 kW power, are in able to reach a blowing speed of up to 322 km / h and 370 km / h respectively. Extremely versatile, they are equipped with a blowing nozzle and a suction kit. By replacing the hose that blows with a collection bag, easily transportable by shoulder, they are immediately ready for use (suction kit and 45 l collection bag are standard). They are equipped with a high-efficiency shredding fan, which significantly reduces the volume of the sucked material: 10: 1 ratio in the GBV 322 and 16: 1 in the GBV 322VX model.
In the name of innovation, they are equipped with an easy start, anti-vibration system and Cruise control to adjust speed and guarantee maximum flexibility based on specific needs. Extremely comfortable thanks to the Soft Grip handle and the possibility of easily hooking the tubes.
The McCulloch line of chainsaws is characterized by exclusive design, advanced technology, powerful and reliable engine and maximum comfort. In addition to the three models CS 35, CS 42S and CS 50S, for 2019 the company has designed and built the new CS 42STE chainsaw, featuring advanced technology, a powerful and reliable engine, exclusive design and maximum comfort.
The new CS 42STE chainsaw is very easy to use and is equipped with important functions such as the double-action chain brake, quick access to the air filter, primer and anti-vibration system.
The great innovation that makes the CS 42STE chainsaw truly unique is the new Switch Start System, which allows an easy three-stage ignition procedure that only requires the following simple operations: 1. Activate the Primer to inject the fuel directly into the valve hole butterfly for a fuel-enriched start; 2. Insert the Switch Start system that allows the throttle valve to open for starting; 3. Pull the starter rope. The carburettor performs all the work automatically with the advantage of simplifying the operation and avoiding manual operations for the operator.
Equipped with an ergonomic Soft grip handle, to complement the technical features of the CS 42STE chainsaw, there are the OXYPowerTM and CCS - Centrifugal Cleaning System functions.
McCulloch also offers a range of useful accessories for the care and maintenance of chainsaws such as chains, bars, oil, maintenance files, protection kit and starter kit with combined tank.
Gardena, to remedy the inconvenience of the leaves and residues deposited on the lawn, proposes the ErgoJet 2500 Blower / Electric Vacuum, the AccuJet 18-Li Cordless Blower and the PowerJet Li-40 Blower / Vacuum. Three solutions to clean up the garden quickly and effortlessly, with a blowing capacity of 310 km / h, 190 km / h and 320 km / h respectively. To complete the battery-powered 40V range, the new PowerJet Li-40 blower / vacuum cleaner.
Equipped with a very efficient and long-lasting brushless motor (40 minutes), the PowerJet Li-40 Blower / Gardena from Gardena works with a 40V battery that gives it great power. Three functions in a single instrument to satisfy any need: blowing, sucking and shredding the leaves. Its excellent ergonomics makes it a well balanced tool, the use of which does not generate any effort. To have maximum control of the tool it is equipped with a control panel that includes the on / off function, the energy saving button and the charge level indicator.
The EasyCut, EnergyCut, TeleCut and SlimCut branch cutters are dedicated to innovation, ease of use and design. This is a new complete range, launched this year, consisting of nine loppers, to satisfy any user and to satisfy every cutting need.
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