Autumn opening for the Minoprio Foundation Park


Minoprio Foundation, during the autumn blooming opens its botanical park to the public for two Sundays full of greenery and entertainment for the whole family. Visitors not only enjoy pleasant walks and learn the secrets of gardening, can admire colorful and beautiful blooms of Korean chrysanthemums, vegetable gardens, the tropical greenhouse fascinating, Mediterranean garden and greenhouse pumpkins in addition to trees and shrubs in the fall collections park expert guides will help you to know in depth (times of guided tours: 11:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00).
Sales in the greenhouse may be purchased green plants, vegetables and fruits of production Foundation, with the ability to have tips and advice of cultivation and care by technicians. There will be a room restaurant with a bar for every need.
Sunday, October 23 is scheduled "Scents and colors of autumn", a day during which will be organized thematic meetings and worjshop, a traveling workshop for the knowledge of edible species of meadows and woods and show cooking on the use of wild species (berry and fruit) in the kitchen of tradition and creative cuisine (at 11.00, 14.30 and 16.30). It also will set the "Show of the fungus" by the Mycological Group "The Moor" of Seveso. Will be offered tastings aimed at the enhancement of quality food products from Lombardy, but not limited to Lombard. Even in this very important occasion the spaces dedicated to children through creative and artistic workshops.

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