Avant Tecno Italia srl



Avant Tecno Italia srl

Over 50000 skid steer loaders have been built since 1991 in over 46 countries. This makes us experts in our field, but especially you from 'safety on our products also for the future. We are for years producers of skid steer loaders and related accessories, and use the methods and benefits of production in strict test series and checks are carried out at different machine from the production to ensure the highest quality '. The safety of the quality 'of the construction of skid steer loaders, compact design, our twenty years of experience around the world, the assistance of spare parts guarantee you that AVANT and' the right choice for you!

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Trentino Alto Adige
Company headquarter
Avant Tecno Italia srl
Via Copernico 13/a, Bolzano (BZ)

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