Az. agr. Vivai Mirco Bonfatti


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Az. agr. Vivai Mirco Bonfatti

Nurseries Mirco Bonfatti deals from 40 years of different jobs in the industry: - the pruning of tall trees, felling, clearing and pruning hedges - maintenance and periodic cleaning of gardens and green areas - designing gardens, parks and green areas - treatments plant protection - creation of turf - creation and maintenance of irrigation systems - retail sale of shrubs, trees, borders, seasonal plants, perennials, succulents and herbs - creation of ponds and water features - floors and walls with natural materials - interior fittings of houses, restaurants, offices and pubs

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Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Az. agr. Vivai Mirco Bonfatti
Via Vecchia Romea 20, Comacchio (FE)

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