Az. Agricola Vivai Lucchini snc



Az. Agricola Vivai Lucchini snc

The Azienda Vivai Lucchini snc was born in 1945 in Castel San Giovanni in the province of Piacenza by the will of Giulio Lucchini as a family business.

Since 1947 the company has specialized in the production of ornamental plants, fruit trees and realization of original and particular plants also of "Bonsai form" later became the strong point of the company.

In 1984 the company passed to Angelo Lino and children who continue the work of his father with the same commitment and passion since 2005 and was succeeded by his sons Lino.

From that distant 1945 the Company Nurseries Lucchini has grown and adapted to the needs of customers having an eye for the news and trying to make each plant, and consequently every garden, a 'work of art

Since siamo pres

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Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Az. Agricola Vivai Lucchini snc
Via Del Pradello Podere Razza 13, Castel San Giovanni (PC)

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