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Az. Floricola Donetti

In Piedmont, in a traditional agricultural area, the floriculture company Donetti striking modernity, functionality and beauty. Located in Romagnano Sesia in the province of Novara. Land of rice paddies, good wine and Visconti castles, Statate on Road 142, which leads from Romagnano in Borgomanero and then to Lake Maggiore, stands, and you can not miss it, the company floriculture Donetti. If the day is sunny, violet or greenish reflections on the monumental glass greenhouses will dazzle. A beautiful sight, therefore, an image which alone leads to a stop and a better understanding of Donetti and their company. The first stone dates back to 1970. The size and equipment were much lower than the present. Very few varieties of plants produced: foliage plants, philodendron and a few other houseplants. Instead the very favorable location of the land chosen to plant the Company. Flanked on a busy street, the area is protected on either side by chestnut and locust trees and bordered by a creek. The decisive leap in quality Donetti Company coincided with a happy meeting. That of Peter Fagnoni, passionate designer, originally from Carpignano Sesia and deep knowledge of the area and its inhabitants. Is Peter Fagnoni the design and construction of greenhouses and solar thermal power plant. The greenhouses in full swing are five for a total of 6000 square meters surface characteristics of cultivation. The first the longest was built in 1981, the thermal power plant and the solar panels are of 1984. While the high greenhouse, communicating with the central one, and 'was completed in 1990. It was subsequently integrated a greenhouse on the mezzanine floor and two greenhouses with pallets extractable. The latter marked a big growth of the company counting about 4000 square meters of intensive cultivation. Thanks to these magnificent production greenhouses has been enriched, as quantities and varieties. Each season has its own specialties: in spring the annual triumph, many and of all colors, and geraniums. In autumn chrysanthemums. Since December, the Christmas star. In January and February thousands of Primula Veris. Throughout the year you can find about 500 different varieties of houseplants. Fruit plants, grown in the ground or in pots. Softwood sawmills, always in pots. Roses, shrub, sapling or climbing. Rockery plants. Acidophilic. Aquatic plants. Aromatic pot. In recent years, the enterprise and the market trends have led the company to the inclusion of new products to stay ahead in the industry. Christmas items, decoration for the home, pet shop for small animals, candles, furniture for the garden, gardening tools and a host of various items that give more and more 'possibilities to our customers. The company is in constant evolution in the research of new products for the customer, and new

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Az. Floricola Donetti
Via Martiri 151, Romagnano Sesia (NO)

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