Azienda agricola Mazzieri Mauro


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Azienda agricola Mazzieri Mauro

Garden is a farm of Malcantone, a hamlet of Concorrezzo the province of Monza and Brianza. Dealers Mauro donates all his deep passion for nature, for green and for beauty in this project bringing the company to be a landmark for customers from the green thumb and also to those who did not have it, helping it to always have a nice and lush greenery. Garden takes care of all that includes the field of gardening, garden design, design of parks and public green, installation of irrigation systems. Thanks to an efficient organization able to carry out any assignment on time and accurately creating gardens of rare beauty, supporting the customer in the available choices. But the nursery is not just design and implementation. Upon entering the nursery, even just for a walk, you can admire ornamental plants, evergreens and flowers both indoor and outdoor; but also plants and fake ornaments and objects to beautify the garden. A vast assortment of vases, saucers and ornaments, but also garden stones, tools and plant protection products for nutrition and plant protection, soils and soil. At Christmas, the Garden is transformed, filling lights, smells and colors. Flowers and seasonal plants to use as presents for friends and family; real pine trees to decorate, ornaments and unique decoration!

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Company headquarter
Azienda agricola Mazzieri Mauro
Via Cascina Malcantone 21, Concorezzo (MB)

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