Azienda agricola Merzetti A.



Azienda agricola Merzetti A.

The company Angelo Merzetti, founded over 100 years ago in Sabina, a land rich in history and tradition, already in the imperial era produced a renowned oil.

The company combines technical ovilicole of tradition, with the passion and care of the new generation. This produces fruits intact, taken at the right stage of maturation before being pressed within twenty-four hours of collection.

Thus was born the oil seal Merzetti, ready to get proudly on tables all gourmets who want to enjoy the excellent aroma, valuable result of the care and dedication of an entire year's work.

The olives are harvested by hand and come from plants of charcoal varieties, lick, they rose, in fact typical of the Sabina.


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Azienda agricola Merzetti A.
Via Moriconese 16, Montelibretti (RM)

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