Azienda agricola Zizzi Giovanni


Garden center

Azienda agricola Zizzi Giovanni

Respect for tradition and innovative solutions to our customers' service

Our business reality presents itself as a young, dynamic and constantly evolving, with the experience more than ten years in the design, care and maintenance of your garden.

A few key elements have always guided our business philosophy, all centered around the figure of our valued customers and their satisfaction.

Always in fact we try to maximize the most of our work, taken care of with the utmost professionalism, to the point that every new garden or single plant sold, must represent small masterpieces to our customers.

This is made possible thanks to a highly qualified team that will guide you to the best in each choice.

Our expertise also ensures that you can respond effectively to each user and need both public and private.

Let yourself be accompanied by professionals and beware of everything else, so your satisfaction is also ours.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Azienda agricola Zizzi Giovanni
Contrada Monte Pizzuto, Pezze di Greco di Fasano (BR)

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