Bakker, 70 years evergreen


Bakker celebrates its seventieth anniversary, founded in the Netherlands in 1945 is among the leading companies in the distance selling of gardening products. And to celebrate, as well as a renewed rich catalog, launches some blooms exclusive special Bakker, like the lily white Queen of the Night", a rarirà color in nature, with bright orange stamens on the petals, and then the double-flowered hydrangea , the sapling fruit used to produce three varieties of apples and other unusual plants.Bakker has also created the largest survey ever made of the green with over 30 000 responses collected in 18 countries to reveal the green habits of the different peoples of Europe. The results are very curious: French and Italian dream of a rose garden and a vegetable garden, while the Germans and especially British greenhouse. For most of the Italians can not miss the herbs, the Dutch are giving first place the strawberries, while the French, Germans and British prefer tomatoes.The favorite flower? For almost all the tulip is, except for the English who like the narcissus."


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