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Barnaba e Leoci Vivai

The Farm & Nurseries Barnabas Leoci born from the restoration of an old farm, thanks to the passion and the desire to grow professionally of two young boys, who join their resourcefulness to their love of nature. The company is spread over 30,000 square meters of land of which 10,000 square meters are occupied by protected shell and the remaining 20,000 square meters of production in the open field. The nursery Barnabas & Leoci is located in Monopoli (Puglia), namely about 50 km from Bari, operates in the production of flowering plants and perennials, and is directed in particular to wholesalers and garden.Nella our company you will find a wide assortment of flowering plants including: Argyranthemum, Lantana, Asteriscus maritimus, Dimorphoteca, gazania etc., and perennials such as: Pittosporum, Laurus Nobilis, Arrowwood Lucido, Westringia, etc. Our company caters to market segments (wholesaler, retailer, end customer) guaranteeing quality, quantity and logistics. We aim to satisfy our customers and to the quality of our products which we dedicate utmost care and dedication. For our plants we use different types of vessel diameter, starting from 10mm up to the Ø22. From our product gallery, you can also view the album photo Dell' company, with pictures of our greenhouses, indoor and outdoor spaces. in person walk through our green and flowery paths is a pleasure for the eyes and for the soul: come to visit!

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Barnaba e Leoci Vivai
Contrada Cristo delle Zolle 203/C, Monopoli (BA)

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