Battery-powered olive harvester for professional olive harvesting


Pennenc's Olivion olive harvester is a professional, very light and extremely handy product that makes olive harvesting more profitable and quick. Works with multifunction batteries from the Pellenc range or with a 12 V battery converter (automotive type).
A full day of work without recharging.
Olivion makes harvesting 4 to 8 times faster than manual harvesting. The ultra-high efficiency electric motor reduces maintenance and fuel costs.
The Pellenc olive harvesting aid weighs 2.5 kg with a fixed rod and 3.2 kg with a telescopic rod. The handle with vibration isolation guarantees the best comfort for the user. The end of the revolving handle allows you to move better in the olive foliage.
Olivion by Pellenc is silent, does not damage the tree and respects the environment, operating with zero emissions.
Its strengths also include efficiency: the Pellenc olive harvester is extremely powerful (380 W) and easy to use. It can be used on green or ripe olives and is also available with optional foam fingers for harvesting table olives or delicate fruit. The carbon fiber fingers allow it to fit better into the tree foliage.

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