Never again without energy


Batteries always charged for all green professionals, with this innovative Kress CyberTank charging system, professional batteries are recharged in just 8 minutes so you can work a whole day without having to use a power source.

Gardeners, groundskeepers, tree climbers, forestry operators, motorway construction workers, finally professionals can work with battery-powered and professional gardening and greenery maintenance tools without having the fear of running out of charge and energy.

Thanks to the new charging system and the new Kress lithium batteries we can say goodbye to petrol. Kress CyberTank is a portable power station that stores all the energy a gardening crew needs to work through the day.

All Kress CyberPack system batteries recharge from 0% to 100% in 8 minutes. A real revolution in the battery-powered world of gardening. The Kress backpack and sled batteries are professional 60V and power the entire range of professional gardening tools, such as battery-powered brushcutters, battery-powered chainsaws, battery-powered hedge trimmers, battery-powered grass trimmers, a complete system for maintenance of greenery without the use of electricity and petrol.


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