Battery-operated shears for heavy pruning


In this video, Alberto, a professional gardener, tries out the new Pellenc C45 shears: a novelty intended for work in viticulture, arboriculture, olive growing and for the maintenance of green spaces.
With the Pellenc C35 and C45 shears you work a whole day without ever stopping. In fact, they are powered by the ULiB 150, 150P or 250 lithium battery and guarantee a minimum day of autonomy!
These particular types of shears have the "Activ Security" anti-cut system which causes the blade to stop immediately in case of contact with the hand, with or without gloves, so you can cut without fear, always using your head and common sense .
The new Pellenc C45 professional pruning shears powered by the Pellenc C45 lithium battery are ideal for pruning in the garden, but also for greenery maintainers, arborists and those who work in the vineyard.
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