Bcs, new line of tractors for vineyards and orchards


The BCS Group will be present with the brand BCS, Ferrari and Pasquali at the 10th edition of the fair dedicated to professionals of the cultivation of vineyards. This year the event characterized by field trials of machines and equipment, will be held on 5 and 6 June in Marsala, in the prestigious setting of the historic winery Baglio Biesina.The BCS Group will present its full line consists of powerful machines, with small dimensions and high maneuverability. The structural features with equal wheels, short wheelbase and low center of gravity, combined with the range of engines available with power up to 91 hp, allow the tractors Group BCS indispensable in vineyard cultivations.In particular, the model V95 Ferrari Vega SDT Dualsteer will participate in the Rate the tractor" where visitors, after having reviewed and tested all participants tractors on display at the rows of the respective manufacturers, can cast their vote "Enovitis tractor in field 2015 "in response to several questions about the characteristics and performance of the machines.The V95 Vega SDT tractors are Dualsteer specialized short wheelbase and wheels differentiated shared by the traction of conventional tractors and handling typical of isodiametric.The unique dual steering system Dualsteer and low center of gravity make the Vega SDT Dualsteer the ideal means to be used safely both on slopes than on the side slopes of crops in rows. The engine VM Turbo Intercooler 4-cylinder in-line releases 91 HP at a speed of 2300 rev / min, designed to reduce fuel consumption, noise and vibration to the benefit of comfort.The 32 speeds, 16 forward + 16 reverse, let you easily reach 40 km / h favoring road transfers. The clutch on the gearbox is multiple disc in oil bath with hydraulic control and the PRO-ACT System. The service brakes with multiple discs in oil bath with hydraulic control are independent and act on 4 wheels, as well as electro-defeatable traction. The hydraulic dual-circuit, thanks to handsome oil flow, allows you to power up 8 9 front and rear hydraulic.The cabins of the Vega SDT have been studied with great care. Available in Standard or Compact, it allows you to limit the height from the ground for optimal use under foliage, in a pergola vineyards and greenhouses.The structure is mounted on a platform suspended on silent block completely independent from the frame of the tractor so deaden noise and vibration."We are very happy to participate in the tenth edition of this important event dedicated to the wine sector - says Carlo Cislaghi, Group Marketing Director BCS - We will have the opportunity to once again show to a wide audience the full potential of our machines.""


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