Beauty Garden di Cremonini Roberto



Beauty Garden di Cremonini Roberto

Beauty Garden Roberto Cremonini based in Crevalcore is a company that is born from years of experience dedicated to technical advice, targeted and customized to every need. Our company constantly changing place mainly activities of construction and maintenance of the green and what related to it, for individuals and companies such as, but not limited to, pruning, plant protection treatments, mosquito, irrigation and garden products.
The interventions are characterized by particular attention to the rapidity of intervention, to the cleaning and minimizing discomfort for the customer.

For private garden and terrace are becoming more escape areas dedicated to relaxation from the daily stress of one's spirit and mind as well as places for healthy recreation for adults, children and of course for our animal friends.

For companies the care of the outside green becomes vital sign to show their professionalism, while the green interior guarantees elegance, attention to detail and a more peaceful working environment.

Our aim is to make the spaces of our customers more usable, elegant and relaxing.\

Since 2016

You can find us

Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Beauty Garden di Cremonini Roberto
Via Santa Sofia 1050, Crevalcore (BO)

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