Benefits and management of urban green areas


The online conference scheduled for May 15, dedicated by DESTeC Engineering - University of Pisa, Lipu-BirdLife Italy, GrIG Onlus, Accademia dei Rinnovati di, is dedicated to the importance of green in cities, to its management and enhancement and to regulatory aspects. Massa, with the patronage of the Province of Massa-Carrara and of various professional associations and orders (Agronomists, Architects).
"They reduce carbon dioxide, filter pollutants, produce oxygen, improve the microclimate: it is the ecosystem services provided by trees, which in the city also offer us the opportunity to relax and carry out activities for the benefit of the body and mind".
The theme - explain the organizers - is also very topical, "considering that experts relate the spread of pandemics with the destruction of ecosystems, to which the felling of trees inevitably contributes. And it is neither a recent nor a controversial acquisition that respiratory diseases are much more frequent in areas afflicted with chronic pollution ».
The event, scheduled for May 15 at the Palazzo della Provincia in Massa, is undergoing organizational changes as a result of the limitations on public events due to the coronavirus. It will therefore be made online on the established date and the members will receive the materials made available by the speakers electronically.
Different sessions: Urban green management, with speeches by Fabrizio Cinelli (University of Pisa) and Renato Ferretti (Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors); Normative and ethical aspects of trees with Marcello Di Paola (Loyola University Chicago) and Anna Chiesura (Ispra); Urban green ecosystem services, with Rita Baraldi (Cnr), Marco Dinetti and Paola Ascani (Lipu-BirdLife Italy); Urban green spaces in Massa-Carrara with contributions from Niccolò Baccellieri (Fridays For Future Carrara), Florida Nicolai (GrIG Onlus) and Bruno Giampaoli (Italy Nostra-Massa and Montignoso Section). Will it close with the round table Guerra al pino pino? and the approval of the appeal on the urban green of Massa-Carrara.


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