The contemporary garden, the meetings of the Benetton Foundation


Three public meetings devoted to thinking and gardening in the contemporary world: The Benetton Foundation Studies and Research also proposes this year the "Natural inclination" cycle. On 13, 20 and 27 September, the events will be held this year, focusing on some of the issues of particular relevance, which are of interest both cultural and professional.
"Thanks to the results of two scholarships in the Foundation over a semester just ended - the organizers explain - we can talk about lawns and woods again, updating the contents that emerged in the most recent editions of the International Landscape Study Days and on other occasions. "
In the spine of the natural inclination of Ippolito Pizzetti, whose illustrious gardener gardener, as well as tireless dissemination, inspired the contents of this initiative, Lorenza Gasparella and Serena Savelli will present the results of their research during two public seminars that will see involvement of other experts and witnesses.
In the woods, meadows and in general in the world of nature, Japanese animation cinema is also a great inspiration, one of the most loved by an audience of all ages, and we come for the first time in the Foundation, proposing a vision of a history of woods, music and friendship. Finally, gardens will be discussed in the final meeting, devoted to a gardener writer, friend of the Foundation, and its very special natural inclination. Through the reading of Lorenza Zambon, accompanied by live music and the creation of a small garden inspired by the Tuscan garden of Pia Pera (1956-2016), and the video made by Maria Cristina Vimercati, we will be able to access that place where "fantasize without embarrassment, "" contemplating metamorphosis and impermanence, "and, above all, feeling happy.
For seminars on 13 and 20 September, training credits will be recognized for architects and agronomist and forestry professors enrolled in the order that will be required.

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