Work in the green: the importance of training


"Training that makes the difference" is the title of the conference scheduled in Bergamo for Saturday, April 21st and which intends to offer a first round table among specialized training centers in arboriculture. In fact, it will be reflected on the entire green supply chain, or better, the "Tree system": from nursery production to the care of large trees.
To organize the conference are Assofloro Lombardia, with Sia (Italian Arboriculture Society) and the PlantaRegina floriculture district.
The initiative was founded with the intention of reflecting on "quality training", a topic increasingly felt among those working in the green, also following the agreement established by the State-Regions Conference on 22 February, with which the professional and training standard of the green maintainer has been defined.
The organizers of the conference explain: "The approval of the professional suitability of the builder and maintenance of the green and the requisites necessary for the start of the profession enshrine a new dignity for a job that many people have always considered a hobby and where undeclared work is a real disaster for companies in good standing. To be a gardener will need a legally recognized preparation; recognizing the profession of the sector is also the fundamental step to give value and respect to the work of companies, also through the increase of the level of professionalism of the workers to the green ".
Here is the need for training that really provides knowledge and experiences useful for professional growth.
"Given the strong developments within the sector (from the point of view of knowledge, standards, phytosanitary emergencies, the evolution of techniques and equipment), even for this sector, it is legitimate to talk about continuing education".
During the conference in Bergamo (Saturday 21 April, 9-13, Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII) a first part will serve to take stock of the activity of builder and maintainer of the green, illustrating the professional requirements and the training process.
The speakers will focus on the importance of the whole supply chain, because making a mistake in the long run from nursery production, from design to the construction and maintenance of a green area can turn the investment of money into a loss rather than generate benefits, thus increasing management costs.
"One of the problematic characteristics of the sector - reads the presentation of the conference - is the lack of coordination between customers (including public), technical designers, construction managers, nursery manufacturers, contractors of green, maintenance. We will also talk about the importance of knowing how to communicate professionalism and good intervention practices ".
The second part of the conference will be held in a round table format, to stimulate debate on the subject of vocational training in Italy, take stock of training in the green supply chain (from production to specialized interventions) and reflect on the opportunity to start common strategies. This is the first event that sees participation in the same table of training center and their trainers who are a reference throughout the Italian territory and also abroad, in the field of green and particularly arboriculture (from the nursery to the care of the big trees).
At this link the updated program of the conference

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