Privacy in the g dimming systems for fences


Relax outside as a relaxing space, away from prying eyes and at the same time does not give the appearance of elegance ornamental fences: with these two objectives Betafence has developed a range of shading solutions for fences panels intending to meet the security and confidentiality requirements, especially in residential areas.The Betafence dimming systems are three: Collfort, Screeno Line and Screeno Wave: Made from different materials - explain dall'azienza - ensure high resistance to deterioration, and thanks to the different colors, effects and textures available allow maximum customization of the outdoor spaces. " All are guaranteed for 10 years.Collfort consists of pine wood strips, classic look, needs no maintenance or repainting treatments and is easy to install and durable. Screeno Line is instead made of PVC to ensure convenience: you do not need cleaning and maintenance and three color shades are available. Screeno Wave instead is the "covering" system, made of polypropylene strips or anthracite gray stone (also green). A contemporary solution is particularly well suited to urban settings

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