Innovation, the biodegradable pots of SmartVase


Reduce the environmental impact and reduce costs: these are two of the main objectives of the project SmartVase, which is a collaboration between the University of Salerno and Coldiretti Pistoia and who recently was awarded the National Award for Innovation 2015 for category Iren Cleantech & Energy (products and / or innovative services geared to improving environmental sustainability). As? Realizing biodegradable pots intended to horticultural industry and the production of potted plants, a major behave, in Italy.On the project website states that the intent is to create a vase in biodegradable polymeric material produced by injection molding. That vessel will be entirely covered, immediately after the realization, by a thin layer of protection in environmentally friendly material that will carry out a screen to atmospheric agents (especially to moisture, which is one of the main causes for degradation of the biodegradable polymeric materials). This protective layer will allow to preserve the characteristics of the vessel for the time necessary, before the interment. A part of the outer surface of the vessel will be removable. The removal of the strip determines the start of degradation. This will trigger the process of biodegradation that disintegrate the pot in a few months. "The idea comes from the consideration that the traditional polypropylene pots are very widespread, the cost for content, but they are not so degradable and require specific disposal. While not the first biodegradable pots, those in the design SmartVase have some requirements including innovative degradation can begin when prompted by the farmer."

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