Biological struggle integrated into the ornamental green


Techniques, applications and perspectives for integrated and biological defense in ornamental greenery: on March 9th at the Agricultural School of the Monza Park there will be an in-depth and refresher course for green professionals.
"The adoption of methodologies to combat low environmental impact is now a reality in many companies and sectors - reads the presentation of the course - with a characterization of bio-integrated defense. An approach, the latter of the integrated biological struggle, which has among its strengths the healthiness of the environments, the safety of the operators, respect for the environment, but also its effectiveness and its proponibile economic competitiveness with the chemical fight " .
During the course a definition of biological struggle will be given and hints of entomology will be presented; the program includes the explanation of the main ornamental green phytophages (biological cycles, recognition criteria, damage, monitoring techniques, live observation with stereomicroscope) and the main auxiliaries used in biological control.
biological cycles, recognition criteria, live observation. Applications of biological control will also be illustrated in the fruit and vegetable sector, horticultural, livestock and ornamental green areas. Finally, presented the most recent acquisitions on biological control: solutions for emerging phytosanitary problems in the ornamental green sector.
The course, led by Giovanni Rota Martir and Andrea Pellegatta will take place from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 17.30. For information

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