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From the early '900, a family tradition. The Birchome business starts in the center of the town of Nizza Monferrato with a small hardware store since the first half of the '900. After a few years the company expands its commercial interests also in the world of household goods, moving toward a more female audience. 1985: the first turn.

In 1985 the small shop in the city center is moved widening in size but also in the set. Thanks to the knowledge of the hardware of the beam is expanded by introducing motor garden machinery. It is created a department of interior and exterior paints addressed both the professionals and the private. Is created from scratch a lighting / electricity department. The expansion in size allows the introduction of new product lines for the home from products for detergents, household with the world food and very thorough cooking.

The world of paintings brings with it also a concern of the owners to the world of wood, first introducing rails and baseboards and then expand the department in its best aspects. 2008: the current center. In fact they begin studies for the creation of the center that is still operating.

In November 2008 there has been an additional step, a true center of DIY that want to stand out from the others not only for the breadth of the range offered in the more technical areas but also through an offer of household items to individuals and structures such as bars and restaurants.

One meter per meter studio has created a full fledged center in their tenders, ensuring quality and proposing large areas of rich promotional items of all kinds, a true center of the house as the name suggests. In fact Brichome is the combination of technical and DIY ranges of interesting articles also female people. Lighting, garden furniture, household goods, office supplies now have spaces that allow a wide choice, the tooling world sees alongside the best brands at promotional areas.

The world of the garden is full of solutions to make homes usable in every way, from irrigation of gardens, the creation of small gardens, delimitation of areas by fences, but also a lot for those who do not have large spaces offering vessels indoor environments and balconies. Hydraulics are flanked to bathroom with shower that compositions and box allows to refurbish their bathrooms. The world of heating integrates the ecological nature of the company, renewable fuels such as wood and pellets have many solutions, heaters, stoves of the best brands are available in all price ranges.

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