Black + Decker, the new hedge trimmers lithium


This product broadens the range of garden tools Black + Decker with lithium battery, which is more and more a viable alternative to petrol products due to the batteries by 2.0 and 4.0 Ah ensure that the levels of autonomy and power ideal for to complete the work in the garden in an environmentally responsible, no harmful emissions and low noise. In addition to ensuring a greater focus on the environment, the lithium-ion technology offers several advantages and makes lawn mowers, trimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers and electric saws even more compact, comfortable and easy to handle, ensuring maximum comfort during use and wide freedom motion by the absence of thread, allowing it to work freely in the garden, without the stress and danger of the cable. The tools are always ready to use thanks to the possibility to refill any time, without the need to wait for the download complete because there is no longer the memory effect. The lithium-ion technology also ensures a low level of self discharge of the battery, as well as ensure consistency in power, until the complete download.

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