Black & Decker, flower beds and gardens in order


Black & Decker offers for autumn's a new range of vacuum cleaners and wire-blowers. Three the models: the blower / vacuum cleaner GW2810 2800 watts and the two versions by GW 3030 and GW 3050. All models have the ability to adjust the motor speed to apply the right power based on the amount of leaves or rubble to collect. Yes, rubble. Shredding function integrated in the models reduces rubble up to one-sixteenth of their volume. The fan shredding also is made even more powerful by size: up to 13 cm for a total of 12 blades with three adjustable heights. Each model go with accessories that enhance the performance: the handy shoulder strap, and the concentrator, which is crucial for blowing operations in confined areas without damaging flower beds or decorations. The model GW3050 also presents the Leaf Collection System. A vacuum hose connects directly to the bin for conveying the crushed leaves.


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