Black+Decker: new flush electric chainsaw models


A new range of electric saws flush home Black + Decker, with various innovations all designed to better performance. The model is called the CS1840 (with power 1800W and bar 40 cm), CS2040 (2000W power bar and 40 cm) and CS2245 (power 2200W and bar from 45 cm).Many - explained the company - are the highlight of the new range, including the compact and well balanced which ensures comfort during use and allows you to perform cutting operations with the greatest of ease. However double handle ensures convenience and safety in use ".A higher performance contribute a high power and a chain speed of 12.5 meters per second, while the system anticontraccolpo and the safety brake cuts ensure safe and efficient in any situation.Finally, "the ultimate convenience is guaranteed by the automatic lubrication of the chain and from the special window for the visibility of the oil level - conclude from Back + Decker - The CS2040 and CS2245 models are also equipped with automatic tensioner to tension and conveniently replace the chain without tools. All three models have finally provided a sheath to protect the blade. ""


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