Black+Decker new range lithium electric saws


Perfect for pruning and cutting firewood, new electric saws allow you to keep in good condition the plants and pruning trees and larger branches of medium / large diameter. A completely new design allows a better balance thanks to having redistributed motor and battery on the side of the machine.Particular attention to the ergonomics, with a second angled handlebar optimal to reduce the pressure on the wrist joints and especially during prolonged cutting. In addition, the positioning of the handles is always in line to ensure the best comfort in every occasion. In addition, the increased distance to the security guard allows every occasion of use to have a maximum visibility of the work area as well as cutting.Better maneuverability and control are insured from the handle close, the redistribution of the weights on the machine side and clearly by the lightness and compactness of the lithium battery. Precisely for this reason the new models do not require special maintenance, which makes them practically perfect for each season and use: it is sufficient to check the oil level easily visible through the windows provided on both sides of the machine in order to carry out simple replenishments. Manual lubrication of the chain for version GKC1825L20, automatic version GKC3630L20.Both models are equipped with a knob to tension the chain without tools and simple instructions useful for tensioning and positioning of the chain.


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