In Bologna, a master in defense of ornamental plants


One year post-graduate studies, to specialize in the defense of ornamental plants: the University of Bologna has an active master for a maximum of 25 students in one year.The invitation to participate in the selection of registered future is open and there is time until September 19 to apply.The master is titled Defense of ornamental plants for environmentally sustainable" production and design and aims to train the plant pathologist specializing in the production and preservation of ornamental plant heritage. "The enormous variability and the continued dynamism of adversity affecting ornamental plants - we read on the website of the University of Bologna, where he published the call - presuppose a thorough knowledge of pathogens, insects and other animals, and weed , the epidemiological characteristics of diseases and modern diagnostic techniques for the development of ad hoc interventions of defense and prevention, while protecting the environment. ""


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