BolognaFiere and FederUnacoma: agreement to EIMA 2030


It was reached the agreement between BolognaFiere and FederUnacoma for the next editions of EIMA International, the exhibition of agricultural machinery and gardening. The contract covers the next eight editions of the biennial festival, which thus remains in Bologna least until 2030. For its part, BolognaFiere has secured the commitment to restructure the exhibition area by 2024 and "step" for the common monitoring project .
For the president of BolognaFiere, Franco Boni, "The signing of EIMA, complete renewal of all contracts of major international events which in Bologna their world leading events, confirming BolognaFiere as the Fair of the large industrial districts of Made in Italy. "
"The agreement - said the president instead FederUnacoma Massimo Goldoni - consecrated the city of Bologna as a world capital of agricultural machinery."
That Bolognafiere FederUnacoma and is now a historical and consolidated partnership, which dates back to 1969 and has resulted in 36 annual and biennial 6 editions, starting in 2006.
The agreement involves the construction by BolognaFiere of a vast plan of restructuring and upgrading of the fairgrounds (says the press statement issued by the parties), a necessary condition to give further growth prospects in the exhibition of agricultural machinery, with operations distributed in 'arc the next eight years and the completion of work scheduled for the edition of 2024. the contract also includes two "step" intermediate respectively in 2018 and in 2022 to monitor the progress of the project according to the trade fair needs.
At the end of the restructuring of the net exhibition surface Quarter process it will amount to 140 thousand square meters in newly designed pavilions and with the highest standards in terms of comfort and functionality.
The total investment for the revamping plan of the Exhibition Centre of Bologna is part of the wider development plan of the Company, approved by the Shareholders' Meeting in December 2016.
"With the approval of the Development Plan by the Shareholders' Meeting of BolognaFiere going to further strengthen our international competitiveness - said Franco Boni, President of BolognaFiere - offering to our events, organized directly or hosted, new business opportunities. Bologna is an exhibition location with exceptional plus, both in terms of connections, both for the richness of an area that turns your stay in the city into an experience that is not limited to commercial areas. A situation that arises from the strong BolognaFiere collaboration with local institutions, the City and in the first region and that translates into a wider regional marketing project ".
"The new agreement is based on a specific economic logic that measures the potential EIMA also for the future - said the President FederUnacoma Massimo Goldoni - and is for both parties a well-considered choice for the industry, however, strongly supported by the Emilia Region Romagna and the Municipality of Bologna. " "But the agreement has an important value also from a symbolic point of view - he added Goldoni - because Emilia Romagna is in the collective a land of agriculture and set of engines, a region that sees a massive concentration of machinery manufacturing industries , equipment and components for the agriculture and the care of the green. This agreement therefore strengthens the partnership between agriculture and industry, and consecrates Bologna as' world capital of agricultural machinery. "
"This BolognaFiere and EIMA is an extraordinarily important agreement - stated the President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini - not only because it guarantees in Bologna and Emilia-Romagna to continue to be, on the world stage, a showcase of extraordinary effectiveness with regard to the high technology related to agricultural mechanization, but also because it represents an explicit recognition of the centrality of the regional fair system, the hub for each policy of internationalization of a production system that sees the world markets its reference horizon. For this, together with other public and private partners, such as Emilia-Romagna Region and have done so that the Fiera di Bologna could be in a position to raise, developing structures and renovating the fairgrounds, to ensure to it and the whole exhibition system Emilia- Romagna - which we hope can be traced to a single regional governance - those for growth that are essential for effective pro

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