The 2018 bonsai festival


Third edition Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February for the Bonsai Shohin Festival, in the spaces of Crespi Bonsai, in Parabiago. Will be set up a large exhibition of bonsai shohin and mame (bonsai of very small dimensions from 3 to 25 cm in height).
Admission will be free, with continuous hours, from 9 to 19; you can visit the gardens and greenhouses of Crespi Bonsai. For the occasion, a guest of honor was also invited this year, the Japanese master Hirori Miura, shohin expedition.
Finally, a new edition of the Bonsai Expo Contest will be held, a contest dedicated to the enthusiasts who will be involved in the exhibition of shohin in their collection, on Sunday 25 February 2018.


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