The boom of indoor gardening


They call it "Bloom economy", according to the definition given by the English newspaper The Guardian, which means a boom in interest in indoor plants. A trend that was already in the air in 2019 but that in the year of the lockdown found fertile ground for a real explosion.
In fact, the desire for gardening has also infected all those who have little space available and who may not have external views, gardens, terraces and balconies. Hence, plants find their place in the home, intercepting an already very successful design trend, the “junglalow”, which transforms homes into “urban jungles”.
Thanks to smart working and long days at home, attention to better air quality, the desire for company of those who live alone and the great contribution of plants to psycho-physical well-being, the research and purchase of plants indoors have blossomed.
Indoor plant sales increased by at least 50 percent between 2019 and 2020, according to data collected by the National Gardening Association.
The phenomenon is global and has led to a proliferation in both Europe and the United States of platforms and sites for the e-commerce of plants and equipment for indoor cultivation, such as boxes, lamps and kits for hydroponics.
Not only. Since the trend also largely affects a slice of young growers, on social channels - Instagram in the forefront - they have multiplied, and their followers have multiplied by double digits, even the so-called "plant influencers", who tell with video their green houses. This triggered the attention and interest of millennials (those born between 1999 and 2010).
An audience that is approaching gardening for the first time, but which undoubtedly represents a very important opportunity for the future, which the whole sector cannot miss.


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