The vegetable garden boom in the city: + 36% in 5 years


"Italian people of hobby farmes": the title of the study carried out by Coldiretti / Ixe 'is eloquent, whose data have been released in recent days. A real boom is recorded in vegetable gardens in the city: public spaces dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables and vegetables have grown by 36% in 5 years, while 6 out of 10 Italians are dedicated to the care of vegetable gardens and gardens.
"The investment to create a traditional garden in the garden can be estimated - informs Coldiretti - around € 250 for 20 square meters 'turnkey' to buy soil, pots, fertilizer, tools, nets to delimit crops, various supports , seeds and seedlings ".
Finding the right space and seasonality, knowing the land you have available, carefully choosing seeds and seedlings depending on the cycle and ensuring the availability of water are some of the rules to follow to get good results.
And for those who do not have their own space, never so many green areas have been allocated to public vegetable gardens in Italy in the capital cities where, with a growth of 36.4% in five years, the record of over 1.9 million has been reached. square meters of land owned by the municipality, divided into small plots and used for family cultivation, according to an analysis by Coldiretti based on ISTAT urban environment 2017 report data.
"The growth of urban gardens in Italy - underlines Coldiretti - has mainly concerned the North with Emilia Romagna that leads the ranking of the regions 'urban farmers' with 37% of all public gardens at national level for over 704 thousand square meters , followed by Lombardy with 10.2% and more than 193 thousand square meters and Tuscany with 9% and over 170 thousand square meters ".
In the "top five" regional Veneto also enter with 8.5% and 160 thousand square meters and Piedmont with 7.6% and almost 144 thousand square meters. Among the regions of central Italy, the leadership belongs to the Marche region with over 104 thousand square meters, with Umbria and Lazio behind it. While in the south the ranking is led by Campania represented by over 116 thousand square meters of Naples followed by Sicily, Sardinia and Calabria.
The search for green, the desire to recover more natural rhythms in everyday life, the need for physical activity different from training in the gym and the satisfaction of bringing to the table the result of their work - highlights Coldiretti - has generated a real its boom in urban gardens in large metropolitan areas such as Naples where the municipal spaces of hobby farmers increased 13 times, reaching over 116 thousand square meters or in Milan, which recorded an increase of 86.8%, reaching 74 thousand square meters, while Turin marks an increase of 20% reaching 60 thousand square meters against the 67 thousand square meters of Verona grew by 12.6%. But the absolute national record for the availability of space for fans of the hoe - underlines Coldiretti - is in Bologna with 165.843 square meters, but with a more contained growth of 5.8% in five years compared to other Italian cities. Among the large cities of the south, excluding Naples, Palermo is instead stable at 30 thousand square meters while in Rome it exceeds 20 thousand square meters.

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