Il giardiniere, a magazine for qualified target


IL giardiniere, who will have every two months, will be structured editorially following project phases of a real yard work, trying to analyze a practical point the needs of builders and maintainers of public green spaces and private.Ample space will be devoted to the technical solutions that help optimize the management issues of various types of construction, highlighting the practical and structural work in the best way: technical contributions, science and industry will be the basis of the publishing plan IL gardener.A newspaper of information and education, able to integrate new technologies, but also the more traditional aspects of the management of the green. A magazine that, in his small, try to give the right value to a professional reference: the gardener.This new editorial product is part of the development plan of Edizioni Laboratory Green, a publishing house specializing in the implementation of specific initiatives for the floriculture industry. They are part of Edizioni Laboratory Green products: Flortecnica and nurseries, GreenUp, Greenstyle, Garden Planning, Bia Agenda, Bio Calendar, greenletter.


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