A book tells the project of Bosco Verticale in Milan


A building that has become a symbol of the new" Milan and has great importance not only from the architectural point of view, but also for its contribution to biodiversity: the architect Stefano Boeri now tells in a book project of the "Vertical Forest" . The book will be presented in Como on May 14 (in Villa del Grumello)."The Vertical Forest - the organizers explain - is not only a building thought to be inhabited by men but also by other species, such as birds and insects, the unstoppable dominance of cement has moved away from our cities."The book artciola into four sections: "Trees and humans," explains the birth and development of the project, "Stories from the Vertical Forest" presents stories illustrated by Zosia Dzierzawska, the "Illustrated dictionary of the Vertical Forest in 100 voices" collects the key concepts of ' idea, finally the last creates a model experience for Milan they can be played elsewhere."

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