Famous gardens, in a book their history


A journey into the unique collections of Italian Botanical Gardens. A recount is Gianni Bedini, researcher of the Department of Biology, University of Pisa, in an essay in the "Botanical Gardens volume, Italian excellence". The book has just been published by the National New Directions with the Italian Botanical Society and edited by botanists Marina Clauser and Peter Peacock: is part of a larger project that aims to raise awareness of Italians botanical gardens, offering an overview level national and an articulated vision and depth of their duties.
In particular, the contribution of Pisa researcher gives an overview of what is unique in the main gardens of our country. It starts from the Botanical Gardens Hanbury, founded in 1867 near Ventimiglia that boast the largest European collection of Agave, until you pass by the Italian Centre, where it is the Garden of Pisa contains the largest collection of sages in Italy, about 150 species, arriving then up to Catania where you will find the largest collection of palms in Italy, 123 species representing 48 genera, from five continents. And among biodiversity conservation such as in Bergamo or in the Garden of Simple of Florence, there is no lack of interest, and the absolute rarity, as in the case of secular and monumental trees, sometimes only in Europe, also protagonists of stories such as specimen of Chamaerops humilis 1585 dell'Orto of Padua, better known as "the palm of Goethe" after the German writer drew inspiration from its leaves to process his theory of plant metamorphosis.
"The Botanical Gardens are Italian excellence in continuous transformation - explains Gianni Bedini - a natural and historical heritage from north to south, rich and complex, known and visited by specialists, botany fans and students, but especially by many tourists and curious. Hence the need and urgency to enhance them to be able to seize the current environmental challenges and to carry Italians Orti also a social and civic educational function. "

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