Discovering the picturesque Botanic Gardens Siena


A Christmas to discover Siena, its historical and architectural heritage and of its most secrets" and the most charming, starting from the Botanical Gardens. And 'this in a nutshell, the calendar "All the Christmas of Siena", scheduled from December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015, marked by over 150 events including cultural events, guided tours, food and wine events and innovative opportunities to learn about the city of the Palio in the magical Christmas atmosphere.Visit the Botanical Gardens, the green heart of Siena. Among the lesser known and most picturesque sights in Siena is definitely the Botanical Garden that, from December 20 to January 7, opens its doors with guided tours for adults and children, on the theme of Christmas. Every day, from 9:30 am to 17 pm, visitors will be led to discover the customs and traditions of Christmas, through a process that will have as its leitmotif plants: from holly mistletoe, holly moss to spruce up . The tour can be booked by calling 335 7371186 or by sending an email to ortobotanico@proeco.it. The cost of the ticket is 8 euro. The Botanical Garden will be open even after the end of the billboard Christmas until February 28 every Monday to Sunday from 9.30 to 16.30.A green area within the ancient walls of Siena. The Botanical Garden of the University of Siena is a garden recreated artificially in 1856 within the medieval walls of the city, in the valley which lies between Porta Tufi and Porta San Marco. In an area of 2.5 hectares, where you preserve the biological diversity and promote environmental conservation activities, are exposed more than 1,000 indigenous and exotic plants for educational purposes, popular and scientific. The Botanical Garden is made up of two artificial terraces in which there are the medicinal plants, a park with native plants of central-southern Tuscany, an old greenhouse end '800 with tropical species and an area extending up to walls cultivated with vines and olive trees. In the upper part of the farm was created a rock garden and, further downstream was rebuilt a bracken through an escarpment with dripping. The waters then flow together in a small pond full of hydrophytes and in a lake with two small pools for breeding and conservation of aquatic plants at risk of extinction in southern Tuscany, as the water lily. Inside of the Garden is the precious Herbarium Universitatis Senensis, located in two air-conditioned rooms and articulated in: historical collection, seed bank, xylotheque and collected, which has over 90,000 dried between vascular plants, lichens, bryophytes, fungi and algae.For information. "All the Christmas of Siena" is the calendar of events sponsored by the city of Siena - Department of Tourism, with the contribution of Banca MPS, to live and discover a unique city, immersed in the Christmas atmosphere, through its many expressions associative, productive, cultural and artistic. The full program of the billboard, with descriptions and useful contacts in case of reservation, is available on the website of the City of Siena http://www.comune.siena.it/Tutto-il-Natale-di-Siena. For information please contact Information Office and Tourist Santa Maria della Scala tel. 0577 280551 and Tourist Office of the City of Siena 0577 292206. On Twitter you can also follow the profileNataleSiena."

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