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Large-scale retail trade

Brico OK

The Brico OK consortium consists of a group of independent entrepreneurs, owners of DIY centers, which in 1995 decided to join in a consortium to organize themselves and be able to buy and sell at the best conditions.

In 1996 has 9 outlets which become 13 in 1997, 18 in 1998, 23 in 1999 up to the 36 in 2000, 47 in 2001, 50 in 2002, 75 in 2005, 85 in 2009, 90 in 2011. Develop a chain specialist centers in the DIY area with average teaches Brico OK, through new openings and existing activities conversions.

It is the type of partnership arrangement that Brico Ok offers at very competitive conditions of service and focused on the efficiency of the partner's income statement. The partnership arrangement allows all the outlets of the system to obtain the same economic conditions and service. The single point of sale has the strength of the entire network.

Since 1997

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Company headquarter
Brico OK
Via Achille Grandi 26, Cantù (CO)

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