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Bricofer Italia spa

The group's history begins in 1979, when Aldo Pulcinelli decides to open a small hardware store in Rome. The new experience, driven by a great passion, soon starts to give the first important results and to involve the whole family.

In 1987 to meet the growing demands of the industry, the company decided to create a purchasing group made up of retailers who, thanks to his wholesaler from atypical structure, is able to tick extremely favorable terms from suppliers. The success opens new scenarios for the development of the company.

The turning point comes in 1989, when one of the sons of Aldo, Massimo Pulcinelli, understands all the potential of the market and identifies the road towards which to direct future strategies: creating and developing a distribution network consisting of its outlets under direct management and franchise outlets. The result is a new reality that is imposed to market quickly for its innovative affiliate structure, based on an architecture very lean and flexible. The project meets immediately received by the market and is quickly revealed a formula for success.

In addition to opening several stores in direct management, recent years have also seen an exponential increase in affiliations, index of customer confidence.

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