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Bricoman Italia srl

Bricoman Italia was born in October 2008, with the first store in Cagliari and a project of teaching very clear: to become leader of the technical quality products for the construction and renovation of home sales with both wholesale and retail. Today, more than 18,000 technical products within hydraulics, health departments, electricity, carpentry, hardware, tools, paint, tiles, garden, building. The area dedicated to construction is located in an area outside than the shops, but it is an integral part: well-2500/3000 square meters (which is accessed directly by your own car) next to the 4000/4500 square meters dedicated to other departments.

The best brands at wholesale prices - this is the promise of Bricoman - are exposed to a clear price, transparent, VAT included and competitive with the best competitors. The Bricoman customers save time and money thanks to an assortment result of a rigorous selection, never redundant, high availability of the products and clear technical specifications and complete.I low prices are the result of a general commitment to cost reduction: sober shops, essential packages (and clean), presentation of the product spartan and clean, aimed at a consumer who knows what he wants and needs more than clear and concise information on the use of pedagogy. Buyers Bricoman negotiate, directly from leading manufacturers, large lots of merchandise at the best prices.

Since 2008

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Bricoman Italia srl
Via Marconi, Rozzano (MI)

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