The first edition of Briconight is a success


Briconight, the new event dedicated to the brico, home improvement and gardening sector in Italy, took place on the evening of 20 November in Milan, in the exclusive location of the Gattopardo Cafè. Briconight was organized by MADE4DIY, the Italian Association of Manufacturers for DIY and Gardening, a reference point for the sector that brings together over 40 companies producing the Italian brico panorama.
The event was born to be a meeting point open to all the operators of the sector, and takes the place of the National Forum MADE4DIY organized in the past always in the same period, but with a completely different and more traditional format.
Briconight proposed a cutting edge that was certainly innovative with respect to the reference context, organized in a trendy venue and in the evening, surprised by the contents presented and the fresh cut also given by the style given to the event; among the elements of greatest impact the contents presented, lights, music and networking moments.
At its first edition, Briconight brought together 120 participants: the main manufacturers in the sector and many market leaders were present at the evening; There are also several specialized distribution companies and important players in the home and garden world.
The distribution companies that took part in the event also included OBI, Amazon, ManoMano, Brico Bravo, The Home Depot, Tutto Giardino.
The lights of Briconight came on at 5.00 pm with the registration of the participants, then the first part of the conference took place where Ivano Garavaglia (Lead Home Improvement GfK) and Pascal Coppens (Professional Speaker and writer) reported.
The trends of the Italian DIY by GfK were then presented, which at the end of 2019 presented the most up-to-date figures and data available for the various goods in the BRICO sector.
With reference to market data and reports, during the event the new Global Home Improvement Report was presented, a market study that analyzes the various DIY markets in the world, one of the most complete studies available to companies available on www. to the report section.
Pascal Coppens, exceptional speaker has shown to the eyes of the spectators incredulous what is happening in the "fastest" market in the world, China.
A market where technological innovation is unstoppable and fits into every moment of consumers' lives, China's new normal, the definition given also in his book to define the new standards of innovation defined by China, the future is no longer that of a time and is no longer found in America in Silicon Valley (Pascal Coppens's book can be purchased at an exclusive price by contacting MADE4DIY, 20 copies are available at reduced price
The conference was interspersed with a networking break in which all participants were able to enjoy a moment of relaxation with an aperitif and a bit of music, an informal context.
The second part of the conference saw two special guests take the stage, Inaki Maillard (General Manager Global DIY Summit) and John W. Herbert (General Secretary of EDRA / GHIN).
Maillard presented the upcoming Global DIY Summit, the world's leading event for the Brico sector to be held in the Netherlands in 2020; event that has reached its seventh edition and which brings together over 1000 participants from all over the world, top players in global distribution such as Leroy Merlin, OBI, Home Depot, Lowe'S, Home Base, B&Q, Screwfix, in short, the entire retail network of DIY and home is present at the DIY summit.
John W. Herbert has in fact presented the entire distribution network represented by EDRA / GHIN, Associations that together bring together all the distributors of the home and DIY.
Subsequently the topic of artificial intelligence was addressed thanks to the presentation by Diego De Simone, Founder of Botika (a company specialized in digital technology); concrete examples of the application of artificial intelligence to company contexts have been presented and the potential of this tool has been shown, which can facilitate and improve the company's results, surely one more step towards the future.
At the end of the conference, the most awaited guest of Briconight, Sebastiano Barisoni, Deputy Executive Director of Radio24; his presentation, the most awaited and applauded by the audience, gave many ideas to those present and focused on the current situation; "We are not experiencing a crisis but a revolution!"
Briconight was very surprised by the atmosphere created within the evening; after the conference, in fact, the dinner was held which then continued with the Get Together, de

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