Briggs at full speed with the Kart Championship


The engines are warming up for the next season of the Briggs Kart Championship, a Briggs & Stratton project to fuel the passion for karts, also supporting young talents. We talked about it with Araldo da Pozzo, Sales Manager - South Europe Briggs & Stratton.
1. What is the "Briggs Kart Championship" and what are its characteristics?
Briggs Kart Championship is an entry level karting project that caters to all categories of enthusiasts, which allows you to participate in a very exciting but low-cost competitive program. This is a single-brand championship reserved for the CRG FS4 karts, all equipped with the 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton 206 engine: in this way the drivers compete on the same level of equipment. This allows to enhance the competitive comparison and bring out their value.
2. How is the championship structured? Are there different categories based on age?
The categories are 4: mini, junior, senior and master. They represent all fans, from the very young from 8 years old, to adults. The races are all played in one day, thus allowing you to limit expenses. The calculation of the scores is managed at national level with the ranking criterion: each race attributes the same scores and for each driver the best 12 results are considered valid, regardless of the number of races held.
This format allows pilots to choose the closest and most favorable races from their experience, without expensive trips. At the same time it connects all the drivers in a single ranking and therefore in a single and exciting championship.
3. What are the costs?
The CRG kart can be owned or rented by an authorized team or dealer. The mini kart ready for the track costs € 2,300 + VAT, while the junior, senior and master models € 2,700 + VAT.
The ASI driver's license is also required, which has a cost of 60 € and is valid for one year. Registration for individual races is € 90. You also need technical clothing (overalls, shoes, karting gloves and full-face helmet) which can be owned or rented.
4. What are the characteristics of the karts and engines used?
The sheets are made by CRG, a leading company in Italy and derive from the Racing line, made with 28mm diameter pipes and equipped with top R-Line accessories, including the hubs and flanges of the magnesium axle. The shell is matt black as in use for CRG racing frames. The engine that equips the karts of all categories is the Briggs & Stratton Racing 206 model, compact, powerful, but above all simple to use. It is used with the standard carburetor guillotine (black), therefore at 100% of the power to guarantee maximum performance and competitiveness. The reliability of the engine allows you to perform dozens of hours on the track without having to intervene with revisions, thus bringing the operating costs among the lowest on the market.
5. What are the advantages of this equipment?
An assistance service on the track is not mandatory: it is possible to manage the kart and the engine in the race also independently, as it is all very simple and reliable, it can be transported with a trolley and in a normal van. The service offered by the teams is aimed at drivers who want, due to lack of time, to use one or more services, such as the transport of the kart or the assistance of a professional mechanic on the track. Many drivers agree with the authorized dealer to have one mechanic every two karts, sharing the costs.
The CRG SF4 kart is however reliable and simple to use on the track and it is forbidden to replace any technical accessory, but all set-up adjustments can be made. The engine does not require maintenance for many hours of use is sealed and some intervention is not stored in addition to the simple adjustment of the valves, therefore everything is very simple and fun to do alone or with friends and family following the races.
6. Does the project also include a "school" for the little ones?
We always advise children to start with a karting course, and from this year we have inserted a very interesting novelty; the arrival of the new entry level Rookie category dedicated to children aged 6 to 8. From a sporting point of view, this new category will have exclusively promotional and non-competitive content, in fact, all participating children will be coordinated by a trainer and will only play a promotional event without classifications with the race simulation format. All children will be rewarded and sent so stress-free to the training course that they can then eventually introduce them to competitive classes starting from 8 years. From the point

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