The range of easy-to-start engines is expanded


Mowing the grass will be easier and easier: following the success achieved with the 475iSi Series engine, Briggs & Stratton has decided to extend the effortless starting technology to the semi-professional garden machinery market as well. InStart iSi technology is now also available on 575iSi and 675iSi Series engines.
The all-new, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, 575iSi and 675iSi Series gasoline engines are now available with the award-winning iSi InStart technology from Briggs & Stratton.
To start the engine, manual fuel priming and operation of the air control lever are no longer required, nor pull the starter rope.
The innovative lithium-ion battery start system is integrated directly into the engine to ensure instant ignition.
The iSi range of motors has a lithium-ion battery built into the motor itself which makes charging easier. The battery is not removable, which means that the charging cable connects directly to the motor. A full charge of the lithium-ion battery provides up to 200 starts and will last for the entire mowing season.
Machine builder customers using 575iSi Series and 675iSi Series InStart engines can offer end users the option to start the mower with either a push button or a key.
In addition to combining the power and performance of gasoline engines along with one-touch starting, the 575iSi and 675iSi models also come standard with Briggs & Stratton's innovative Just Check & Add system. With Just Check & Add, maintenance operations are made even easier: the engines do not require oil changes during their operating life, but only an occasional top-up.
The 575iSi and 675iSi can also be supplied with Mow N 'Stow® storage technology, which makes it easier than ever to store your mower. With Mow N 'Stow the motors allow the user to store the mower vertically, reducing storage space by 70% and allowing easier access to the blades for better cleaning of the mower deck.

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