Solving ignition problems even at low temperatures


To solve engine ignition problems even at low temperatures, Briggs & Stratton offers the 4-Stroke Engine Winter Oil, suitable for all small four-stroke engines to ensure optimal performance even in very cold environments (up to -30 ° C).
Due to the cold it can happen that you have difficulty turning on snow turbines equipped with petrol engines, or winter equipment. This is a problem due to the fact that fluids and liquids tend to cool or even crystallize, making ignition difficult.
Thanks to the specific viscosity of the 5W-30 oil, crystallization does not occur easily, thus guaranteeing lubrication, efficiency but above all ignition in cold environments, up to -30 ° C.
The correct use of the equipment is of fundamental importance to guarantee the greatest longevity and the best functioning in case of need. This is why Briggs & Stratton recommends using this synthetic oil in your engine, for a quick start and perfect operation.
It is available in 1L packs, sold at the best specialist retailers.

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