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Brocani Garden sas

Brocani the firm was founded in 1894 by Comm. Antonio Brocani, fond of gardens and monumental fountains. Over the years, the Comm. Brocani and his son Gino gave birth to one of the first companies specializing in the care of the public and private green called in 1911 "Brocani A. & Son". After the death of its founder, the son Gino inherited the great legacy left to him by his father through which created one of the greatest realities in the Italian center for the design, construction and maintenance of the green. Temporal Brocani widened further by creating various operating units around the Italian center can handle big contracts with public and private companies both in Italy and abroad in the provinces of Perugia, Terni, Ancona, Pistoia, were created of Garden Center in the private customer service, the Brocani brand became a symbol of quality and reliability to 360 ° thanks to the great experience handed down from generation to generation by Comm. Antonio and his son Comm. Gino who in turn passed it on to Dr. Giampaolo which still works with her five children in different locations to ensure continuity of service and a quality brand in the market for over 100 years.
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Brocani Garden sas
Via Del Tempo Libero 1, Ferro Di Cavallo (PG)

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