The history of Brumi is closely linked to that of the mechanization of Italian agriculture, following the post-war economic boom and contributing to the growth of the Italian agricultural sector in foreign markets. The recent history is that of a company that has been able to invest in innovation and new technologies, sensing the needs and transformations of the sector, capitalizing on the historical values of the company that have always been convinced of the need for bio-and eco-compatible economic development.
In over sixty years of history, Brumi has produced and marketed machines and professional tools for agriculture and gardening, through various brands that have characterized different periods and markets, marking the difference in the tradition of Italian agriculture: beyond Brumi, MPM (Matteo Pitanza Macchine) and Brumital, livery still present in some high-end product lines.
The Garden line consists of a complete range of machines for professional green maintenance: light, ergonomic and balanced, to maximize comfort during prolonged professional use.
Brumi products are made in Italy with quality materials (technopolymers, carbon fiber, aluminum alloys) and with accurate ergonomics and design, to meet the needs of operators.


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